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Readers’ Engagement and Monetization Platform

We developed a set of open-source tools to help publishers understand and monetize their audience better, market their content and sell their services. We’ve tested the software on our site, the sites of our two partners, and released it as an open-source, allowing any other publisher to use them for free and contribute with their own improvements.

Monetization- focused analytics

A/B testing for publishers

E-mail marketing

On-site marketing

Tools that make data work for you

We are happy to introdruce the first set of tools - REMP Mailer, Campaign and Beam, that you can already download on Github and start using right away for free. Use it to create, deliver, track and get real-time insight and control over your online campaigns. Whenever possible, analytics will be based on data from existing tools like Google Analytics – our goal is not to compete with existing tools, but to add a new layer to them, which will solve specific needs of the publishers given their business models.

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Tools that make data work for you

Our open-source tools works great together, or also as stand-alone modules, so any publisher can choose which ones to use, based on their special needs. Also it can be easily implemented into systems that you are already using.

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Next releases

We keep working to provide you with many new features, which we will be continuously releasing till the end of year 2019.

Traffic acquisition – where did the people, who eventually converted to paying users, originally came from?

Underperforming articles report – what content is produced, but is not generating conversions, time on site, or engagement?

Overperforming articles alert – predict which article is doing better than average in terms of monetization and alert the editors.

Per author analytics – how many page views, new subscriptions, shares, time spent, did each journalist generate?

Understanding paying users – how are they different from non-paying users? What did they read, how did they navigate the page, how else are they different? Same with non-paying but registered users.

Features for all your team members

Editor in chief
  • see monetization statistics on-site along with the articles
Chief of online
  • track statistics for multiple websites
  • run custom SQL queries over webUI
  • add tracking embed code to web
Marketing manager
  • create newsletters
  • see different layouts for emails
  • see the performance of newsletters - open rates, deliverability based on ESP
  • create multiple newsletters groups
  • target newsletters and system emails to a specific segments of users

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We are independent daily newspaper based in Bratislava, Slovakia, founded by former reporters of the biggest Slovak broadsheet daily after it was acquired by local oligarch. Our focus is on long-form quality journalism and most of our revenue comes from online subscriptions.

We are happy to share the tools we have developed and exchange the know-how with like-minded publishers anywhere in the world.

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