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We developed a set of open-source tools to help publishers understand and monetize their audience better, market their content and sell their services. We’ve tested the software on our website, the websites of our two partners, and released it as an open-source, allowing any other publisher to use it for free and contribute with their own improvements.

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October 2019

CRM version 1.0 was released - the CRM for subscriptions is now fully ready to be deployed on any site. New features include brand new eshop allowing you to sell physical or electronic goods and extended support for connecting CRM to other legacy systems via APIs The analytics module Beam now offers detailed overview of how readers are finding your articles plus dozens of smaller improvements.

April 2019

  1. Significant improvements to REMP Beam analytics (previously called Medusa): editors can now see detailed and real-time information on performance of their articles including info about conversions and conversion rate, time spent on article, unique readers and structure of readers (subscribers vs. nonsubscribers, etc).
  2. Updated REMP CRM: it can now connect to various payment systems and process payments, also allows to automatically generate invoices based on user-defined templates.

February 2019

Segmentation module, advanced analytics for live web site traffic (REMP Beam) and a/b testing module are now finished and ready to use. Lot of smaller improvements to other modules deployed as well.

August 2018

We have released two new REMP modules.

  1. REMP CRM - Module for managing your database of paying customers. View full customer history, view and edit user details, get overview of all user-related and payments-related statistics in the dashboard. Assign different admin roles to different people in your organisation. Includes GDPR compliance tools.
  2. REMP Pythia - machine learning component for REMP. Based on data collected by REMP Beam, Pythia categorizes anonymous and former customers based on the probability that they will become paying customers. Works great with REMP Campaign and REMP Mailer: target your campaigns only to those customers with highest probability to pay, or offer discounts only to those which do not seem likely to be willing to pay the full price. We have also updated analytics tools; in Beam you can now view page views count and time spent on each article and couple of other metrics.

March 2018

A new major release of REMP is out. It brings major improvements in email marketing and on-site marketing capabilities, introduces A/B testing to both Campaign and Mailer and first analytics features are included in Beam.

The main new features include

Personalized banners – Choose the right segment, design the message to customers and personalize it for each customer (e.g. with their name or info about their subscription).

A/B testing of e-mail campaigns – Compare open rates, click rates and conversion rates (which message led to more new purchases).

A/B testing of banners (close rate, click-through rate, conversion rate)

Banners can now be displayed both as webpage overlay or in-site (in predefined space).

More targeting options for banners – anonymous/logged in users only, geotargeting, custom-defined segment targeting

Overview of underperforming and overperforming articles – New article metrics: sort/view based on author, time of publishing, page views, subscriber/non-subscriber segments

Identify most loyal and least loyal visitors (and target them in campaigns).

A/B test the right place where to lock the article (how long should be the free, promotional part)

More about current capabilities of each tool

Next releases – what we are working on

We keep working to provide you with many new features, which we will be
continuously releasing until the end of 2019.

REMP Pythia

Open-source machine learning tool. Based on your traffic data, Pythia will estimate which readers are most (and least) likely to subscribe, so that you can target them differently. The first version planned for August 2018, full version in December 2019.

REMP Medusa

Open-source analytics for subscription-focused publishers. Understand where your paying users are coming from, how to identify them and what kind of content converts best. First version expected in February 2019, final version in December 2019.


Manage your subscribers, connect the database to your legacy systems, sell time-based or issue-based subscriptions or even physical goods. First version expected in August 2018, full version in summer 2019.

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We are happy to share the tools we have developed and exchange the know-how with like-minded publishers anywhere in the world.

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